Just tell us who, when, where, and we will sort the rest out for you.

  • wc

    Matrimonial Investigation

    Adultery / Partner tracking / Child custody / Third party background

  • business

    Corporate and Business Investigation

    Employee side business / Intellectual property investigation / Company background / Internal operation of competitor / Dishonest behaviour of business partner and management staff

  • directions_run

    Personal Whereabout

    Whereabout of children / Family members / Maid

  • accessible

    Accident and Injury Claim

    Insurance fraud / Employee compensation fraud

  • search

    Information Search

    Personal address / Personal background / Vehicle particulars

  • phonelink_ring

    Spy Software and Application

    Mobile phone and personal computer monitor software installation / Detection

  • control_point


    All kinds of civil and criminal case investigation / Location of missing person / Legal document delivery / Counter tracking