• 01
    If I want a private investigation to be done or to track a person, how do I go about doing it?
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    Please upload relevant photos and information onto our Whatsapp , or call us on +852 6990 4000 / +852 2781 3021 during working hour (Mon-Fri 9am-7pm) for any enquiries. It is a simple and straight-forward process which only takes a few steps .
  • 02
    Do I have to be physically present for this process? Can I do this over the phone?
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    Unless there are any essential documents that need to be submitted (e.g. original copies), you won’t need to be physically present to complete the process.
  • 03
    If I have a specific date I would like a person to be tracked, how much notice would I need to give you?
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    Please give us at least 2 working days notice.
  • 04
    Would all my details be confidential?
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    We will both sign a confidentiality agreement once the order is confirmed, which ensures your identity and case details to be strictly confidential. Please refer to Privacy Statement .
  • 05
    What is the cost for surveillance service?
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    Surveillance cases are charged hourly (Basically HKD 650 per hour). Specific plans at discounted rates are available. Please refer to get an immediate quote .
  • 06
    Do I need to pay any deposit in advance?
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    Yes, we will take 50% of the total estimated cost as deposit.
  • 07
    Are there any additional charges other than the surveillance charge?
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    There may be additional expenses derived under certain circumstances such as taxi fare, meals, and hotel accommodations during the investigation process which will be included onto the bill and has to be paid for by you.
  • 08
    Is there a minimum spending for the surveillance?
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    Yes, the minimum spending is 4 hours (per each surveillance).
  • 09
    On the day of surveillance, from when will you start charging?
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    We will agree on the time for the private investigators to arrive at the field before the surveillance takes place. Charging will start from this agreed time.
  • 10
    If the remaining surveillance time is less than one hour, will it still be charged for an hour?
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    Yes, surveillance for part of an hour will be charged as an hour.
  • 11
    Can I pay online or using other methods?
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    Yes, you can pay by cash, bank deposit, bank transfer, Paypal, Payme etc. Any admin fees involved will be listed on the final invoice and to be paid for by you.
  • 12
    Will the private investigators take photos as deliverables during the surveillance process?
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    We will take video footage instead. If you would like to have photos as deliverables, please inform us in advance.
  • 13
    What deliverables would I get after the surveillance is completed?
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    You will get a copy of video footage, along with a text report.
  • 14
    Is there any additional charge for the deliverables?
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    No, these are already included in the quoted price.
  • 15
    How do I obtain the deliverables mentioned?
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    We will send the deliverables to you via an online link. You may choose to view them on the drive, or download to your mobile/ computer, which you can access at your convenience.
  • 16
    Is it safe to put the deliverables on the online link?
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    Each link is unique to ensure confidentiality. It will be all confidentially kept as long as you don’t disclose this link to others. We also delete any links created periodically, to avoid any potential information disclosure.
  • 17
    How long does it normally take to obtain the deliverables?
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    You will receive the final invoice with the remaining amount to be paid and due by date after the surveillance process is completed. We normally send out the link 2 working days after the final payment has been received.
  • 18
    What should I do with the deliverables obtained for legal purpose?
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    Since each surveillance case varies, please seek legal advice from your lawyer. Our consultant lawyer Mr So Wai Foo can also offer you legal advice upon request.
  • 19
    Do you offer any legal support or lawyer referral service after the investigation has been done?
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    Yes, our consultant lawyer Mr So Wai Fu can offer you legal advice. We may also refer you to legal service upon request.
  • 20
    Is there any cost for the legal support/ referral service?
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    No. there isn’t any cost.
  • 21
    What information do I need to provide for surveillance service?
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    You will need to submit 3 to 5 recent photos of the subject person, together with his/her resident address and/or work address. We will also require his/her vehicle details If the subject person usually drives.
  • 22
    Can I decide on the date and time for the surveillance to take place?
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    Yes, please notify us at least 2 days in advance.
  • 23
    Will the subject person, at any point, discover he/she is being tracked during the surveillance process?
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    Our investigators are all professionally trained and experienced. The subject person would rarely discover he/she is being tracked under normal circumstances. Please inform us if you have ever hired any private investigator (s) or if you have ever tracked the subject on your own, in order for us to make specific arrangements accordingly.
  • 24
    What can I do if I am unsure about the most appropriate time/date for the surveillance to take place about the subject person?
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    Don’t worry, we will create a surveillance strategy based on the subject’s normal routine using our professional experience. We will start the surveillance with your agreement.
  • 25
    How do I determine if a car is needed for the surveillance process?
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    If the subject usually drives or takes a taxi, we will need to include a car for the surveillance.
  • 26
    If there are multiple exits at the subject’s home or wherever the subject is, could the surveillance be possibly done?
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    Yes, the investigation team will set relevant observation points according to the surroundings wherever the subject is. Under certain circumstances, we may advise you to increase the number of investigators needed at an additional cost. Please refer to Extra Investigator Fee .
  • 27
    Will I get instant updates whilst the surveillance is taking place?
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    Our staff will keep you updated on the progress during the surveillance. We will also send you some of the photos at appropriate times. The full version of the video footage will be sent to you via an online link after the surveillance is completed.
  • 28
    If the subject does not live in Hong Kong/ the relevant place or nation permanently, or if the subject is about to leave Hong Kong/ the relevant place or nation for travel, is it still possible for the surveillance to take place?
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    Yes, our investigators will get to the place where the subject is staying for the surveillance to take place. Please refer to Instant Quote for more cost information.Also, If the subject is about to leave Hong Kong/ the relevant place, surveillance can still take place as long as you could provide relevant details such as flight details.
  • 29
    If under any circumstances, the subject knows any of your staff, how would you go about dealing with this?
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    To avoid conflict of interest, we will not take the job.
  • 30
    If the subject changes his/her plan/route, am I allowed to cancel the planned surveillance at the time?
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    We require a minimum 24 hours notice via phone/message, should a surveillance need to be cancelled. A minimum charge of 4 hours will be applied otherwise.
  • 31
    I would like to check if my partner is having an affair. What if the third person is still not found after the surveillance process is done? Would I still have to pay the investigation fee?
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    Yes, you will still have to pay the fee. Actually It normally only takes a few days to find out something for an adultery case. There are usually two possible reasons if the third person is not found after the process. First, the third person has left Hong Kong/ the relevant place or nation ,or the third person does not permanently live in Hong Kong/ the relevant place or nation. Second, your partner is not having an affair. We will usually advise you to wait for a few days, or even a few weeks for another part of surveillance to be carried out.
  • 32
    Can surveillance still take place if I do not have the subject’s residential address and photos?
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    This is still possible under certain circumstances. Please call us on +852 6990 4000 / +852 2781 3021 for further enquiries.